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Monday, October 02, 2006


What a sad face! This is after we went on a LOOOONG walk where he met about 15 dog friends and got told he had a lovely coat about 5 times, so he can't have been a sad dog, but that poor little face.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

I've been all week. Today I've had some time to get a little more sorted. I organized my clothes a little, so sweaters are more handy than tank tops. This is never a fun task for me. I like sweaters, and I like fall a lot, but...whimper. Summers fly, winters walk.

Quito the dog came today. Anticipation of this has been a source of stress, but things seem to be going fine. The cats are wary but not tragically evasive. Quito is a little sad and stressed out and missing his people, but he responds quite well to being told he's a good boy. I haven't taken any pictures yet but I will take some perhaps this weekend. If it would stop raining, I would be more inspired to do things like take pictures.

My friend Rachel is in town from NC. We met up last night at the Pirates game (which was loads of fun) and then again this morning for the Lupus Loop. Quito also went to the Lupus Loop, but he was a little overstimulated. Liz my running friend came in 3rd place! She's so fast. I guess if you weigh 80 pounds and it's all muscle, you end up being pretty fast. Since we walked, we did not place.

Saturday, September 02, 2006


The mayor died last night. So sad. For me, the saddest part was that wanted to be mayor for 12 years and he only got to be mayor for 8 months. And from what I understand, he would have done a good job if he was mayor earlier on. He was so dedicated to the city. And absolutely everyone seemed to love him. (So why wasn't he mayor before? Don't ask me, I only moved here in 2003.)

I don't have much to say about it, other than that I'm sad about it. The video on CNN (before my computer crashed) was heartbreaking. Perhaps I should stay away from the television, since I don't want to spend the day weeping.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

curiosity abated!

After, literally, YEARS of wondering whether the book Charlotte Sometimes has anything to do with the Cure song Charlotte Sometimes, I finally looked it up on Wikipedia and discovered that the song is based on the book.

Naturally, being the nerdy girl that I am, I read the book long before I heard the song. Now I'm wanting to read the book again, along with Summer Birds. Emma in Winter I didn't care for as much.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

what is up?

The answer to this question is, not much. Highlights include:
-I busted out the sewing machine yesterday and can't figure out how to thread the bobbin. I'm hopeful one of the ladies who's coming over for tomorrow's ladies night can help me.

-We lost our playoff kickball game yesterday. Sad, but, you know, it was nice to make playoffs. Next season we've got all sorts of new people.

-I'm looking for jobs in other cities. DC, Philly. Not necessarily ruling out Pittsburgh, but I think I'll have better luck looking in other places as well. Since this is all theoretical at the moment, I'm not really thinking of the realities of leaving all my friends and family here. However, the concept of "no more sports league" makes me want to hide under a table. (I understand there will be sports leagues in other cities, of course. But it will be different.) It's like in Hitchhiker's Guide, where Arthur can't comprehend the Earth is gone, but the fact that the pub down the street no longer exists sends him into a blind panic. (Or something like that.)

-I'm trying golf again with my dad today. I have a proper golfing costume this time.

-I may go to the grocery store this afternoon, or . . . I may wait until tomorrow afternoon. I haven't decided! Exciting, right?

-My loan money came through. I already went on the requisite "loan money came through" shopping spree. At least I got that out of my system though.

Friday, August 18, 2006


I knew this was going to happen. I had all these Big Plans for my time off, and I'm not managing to get much done. I Swiffered the floor today, but I haven't put away laundry that I washed three days ago. I'm knitting a stripey scarf (what else do you do when it's August, right?) but I've only gotten to the fourth stripey. Still haven't busted out the sewing machine. I keep getting cross with Ben, basically because when I meet him at the door, bored, at the end of his work day, he's not ready to jump up and down with me. Something about how it's "hot" and he has to "walk eight miles a day," blah blah blah. Whatevs.

The moral of the story is, I need structure. I'm a lot better at getting a list of things accomplished if I only have a short time to accomplish the list. I don't think this means that I can't take vacations. Just maybe they shouldn't be three weeks long. Anyway, taking three one-week vacations sounds like a better plan anyway.

So, while I have a number of tasks to accomplish next week, I think I'm glad school starts the week after that. Especially since it's third year and I won't have class until 1pm.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

long weekend

Phew! I got back from my weekend in Madison, Wisconsin today. It was a lot of fun! Very relaxing and, as they say, just what the doctor ordered. Highlights:

-Fantastic weather the whole time! Too many mosquitos though.
-A kickball game with the Madison division of the Midwest Unconventional Sports Association.
-A live polka band as the Essen Haus, which is, in my opinion, the best bar ever. (Same day, we also went to the Terrace for outdoor beers in a collegiate atmosphere, Dotty's for burgers and fried mac and cheese, and then to the Nitty Gritty, which is the "birthday bar" in Madison - free drinks on your birthday.)
-Biking around the lake (Madison is on an isthmus) and cookout with friends.
-A lovely drive around Milwaukee and Lake Michigan before the flight home.

For those of you who like crossword puzzles, they run a cool one in the alternative weekly in Madison. Here is a link. It's a younger, hipper crossword and everyone should be doing it all the time. I suppose everyone cannot do it on the lake in the sunshine as I did, but never mind.